Where can i learn more about a Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle?

Local Traverse City Resources:

Dr. Dave Johnson: Davejohnsonmd.com

Dr. Caroline Trapp: Bio on PCRM

Linda Szarkowski : greenspiritliving.com

Press On Juice: pressonjuice.com

Michigan Resources:

Dr. Joel Kahn : DrJoelKahn.com

Out of Area Resources:

Dr. John McDougalDrMcDougal.com

Dr. T Colin CampbellNutritionStudies.org

Dr. Neal Barnard : PCRM.org

Dr. Mark Hyman : DrHyman.com

Save Institute : SaveOurBones.com

Tom Brady's TB12 Method : TB12sports.com   

Ideas for making your recipes healthier!

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Unsweetened Applesauce Swap for: Oil or butter

For sweeter recipes like brownies and fruity muffins, this swap is a definite winner. Applesauce offers the same consistency as butter or oil, but with zero fat, a little extra natural sweetness, and fewer calories (though it will add a touch more sugar). It even works in boxed mixes! Try it in some delicious blueberry muffins for a twist on classic flavors.

Avocado puree Swap for: Butter

Doubting this swap? We did, too—until we whipped up some dark chocolate avocado cookies. Mashed or pureed avocado has a similar texture to butter with more heart-healthy fats and a smooth, rich taste that pairs perfectly with chocolate.

Mashed bananas Swap for: Oil or butter

This one’s similar to the avocado swap but a whole lot sweeter, ripe bananas add potassium and fiber to our favorite recipes. It’s a proven star in sweet stuff, too. And when combined with other baking fat swaps, it’s easy to make an oil and butter-free banana bread as delicious as traditional recipes.

Prune puree Swap for: Butter

Prunes don’t always get the best reputation when it comes to taste and versatility, but 1/3 cup of prune puree can easily replace a stick of butter in denser baked goods. It’s also great for dark and dense cookies, brownies, and even cakes.

Ricotta cheese Swap for: Cream cheese  OR  better yet, buy vegan cream cheese

Ricotta—even the whole milk variety—is a lighter option than cream cheese when it comes to calorie count. And it bakes into an excellent cheesecake with a lighter, fluffier texture.

Ground Flax seed Swap for: Oil or butter

Rich in omega-3 fats and with a distinct nutty flavor, ground flax seed is one of the most surprising fat swaps out there. Mix three tablespoons of ground flax with one tablespoon of water for a paste that subs in for every tablespoon of oil or butter. Ground flax is perfect for recipes that already have a strong nutty flavor. And here’s a fun fact: One tablespoon of ground flax plus two to three tablespoons of warm water makes a “vegan egg” and can be used as an egg replacement, too.

Marshmallow fluff Swap for: Butter and sugar (frosting)

It’s legendarily sweet, but marshmallow fluff actually contains fewer calories and less sugar than conventional frosting. Bonus: having leftover fluff for some super quick s’mores.

Frosting Recipe Links:

https://minimalistbaker.com/?s=frosting – Her cream cheese frosting is Amazing! (on her vegan carrot cake). I really only use her frostings.

https://www.elizabethrider.com/vegan-vanilla-buttercream-frosting-recipe/ - Elizabeth is a very well-known vegan baker

https://www.unconventionalbaker.com/ - I’ve made the tres lech cake, tiramisu,and turtle cheesecake. You can search her site by dietary need.

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Highly Recommended Documentaries & Books

Highly Recommended Documentaries & Books